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Websites for Optometrists.

You need a superior website for your Practice. Not a directory listing, or a site built by a programmer you can’t reach, or a designer you can’t afford. With ODSite you’ll get a website designed with Optometrists in mind – one that attracts new patients and keeps existing ones coming back. At EyeCarePro we are with you every step of the way. Start with ODSite, and when you are ready, boost your results with ODLite and ODLingo web marketing services.

For just $59.95/month ODSite provides your Practice with:

  • An attractive, professional, HIPAA compliant website.
  • Tools and partnerships specifically created for Optometrists.
  • User-friendly, web-based tools to edit and manage the site.
  • Professionally written, search engine friendly content.
  • Attentive, effective customer support services.

ODSite Explained

EyeCarePro provides your Practice with an attractive, professional, sophisticated website at a fraction of the cost of designing, programming and hosting your site independently. ODSite makes set up simple and efficient with easy-to-use online tools and a great Customer Support team available when you need them. With ODSite you get peace of mind – your website looks great, patients are happy and it’s easy on your time and budget.

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Look Great Online


Keep Patients Happy


Save Time & Money

Choose from a collection of beautiful site designs and color schemes.

Present a sophisticated, high-performance site that reflects your commitment to patient care.

Educate patients and promote your Practice with over 100 pages of professionally written, SEO-friendly, optometric content.

Add impact with videos, 3D images, attachments and photos (upload your own or choose from our library).


Provide 24/7 access to your virtual office.

Give patients the ability to schedule Appointments online.

Allow patients to complete Registration forms from home.

Streamline and encourage contact lens orders through e-commerce partners.

Provide a valuable source of online optometric information.


No set-up fees, no yearly contracts, no hosting fees. Includes a domain name and six email addresses.

Eliminate website editing costs and delays; update your site as often as you want using simple online tools.

Cut expenses with HIPAA compliant forms and appointment requests provided to your staff electronically.

Take advantage of our top-notch customer support for help when you need it.

Launch Your New Site in Just a Few Days!

We give you 10 days to try ODSite - but we bet you won't need it! ODSite includes unlimited customer support to help you set up, manage and grow your site. When you take advantage of our  10 Day Free Trial our dedicated support staff will contact you and work with you to get your site set up and launched in as little as 3 days.

The support team will:

  • Migrate the content from your existing site to your new EyeCarePro website.
  • Help you transfer your domain name or register a new one.
  • Create email addresses you'd like to associate with your site.
  • Provide basic and advanced training on using our Admin tools.
  • Answer technical questions about the system.

With EyeCarePro's help your site can launch in as little as 3 days.
That means you will have 7 days left to enjoy free of charge!