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Improve Your Optometry Site SEO with Meta Tags

As an eye doctor, Meta tags might be one of those technical web development terms that you steer clear of, but it is important for you to know how Meta tags can help your communication with Google and therefore your optometry website SEO.

Meta tags are effectively classification terms you can utilize to detail, primarily to the search engines, what your web page is about.  Each page has a title tag, keyword tag and description.

-The Title tag is essentially the Title of your web page and should include keywords that indicate the main subject matter. The title tag will appear in the upper left hand corner of a browser window.

-The Keyword tag should list between 6 and 8 keywords that represent the content of your page.

-The Description is a readable sentence or paragraph (up to 250 characters) that offers a more detailed explanation of the page content. This description will sometimes appear underneath the link to your practice website on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Most users won’t see the Meta data for your optometry site, but Google (and the other search engines) will. Since Google is looking for information about your site in order to understand who you are and therefore how to index the pages on your site, this presents a valuable opportunity to communicate that information to Google.

A necessary warning must be made now because the keywords you choose for your Meta tags should be selected with caution.  Google will compare this information to the actual content on the page and is looking for consistency between them.  There is no use in optimizing your Meta tags if you don’t follow through and ensure that it matches the content you actually put on your page. You can’t fool Google!  Therefore, if that isn’t what your page is actually about, (i.e. if you haven’t used the keywords you mentioned), you need to either rewrite your page to be about those keywords or to change your Meta tags.

Remember, one of the most important factors for Google is consistency so the more clearly your Meta tags reflect your page content, the more of a positive influence they will have on your SEO.

If you don’t know how to edit the Meta tags on your optometry site, speak to your site developer or manager to find out if and how you can do so.

Daniel Rostenne Daniel Rostenne is a leader in the online optometric community and has made a career of creating and promoting effective web sites for optometric practices. He is a COPE educator, editor of Optometry Web, a regular speaker at eyecare events & conferences and has been widely published in Optometric e-zines. Daniel is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, in particular as it relates to best practices for Optometrists. You can sometimes find Daniel daydreaming on Google+.

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