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SEO Basics in Review

Although the search engines are always changing their algorithms – trying to stay one step ahead - there are many basic principles of search engine optimization that remain consistent over time. Ultimately, Google, Bing and Yahoo are businesses that want to provide their consumers with quality goods so it is up to you, the website owner, to show them that your site is of good quality.

In our last blog series, we went over the answers to some frequently asked questions about getting started with SEO. In this post we are highlighting some past articles we have written on the topic of SEO including the basics of SEO, understanding how SEO works and how to optimize your website to achieve a high ranking. So for those of you that are newcomers to our blog – or if you just want to review- here is a compilation of past articles on the topic:

What Does Google Look For in a Web Page?

Gets you into the “head” of the search engines to give you insight on how search engines read your site and how to speak to them in the language they understand.


Business Talk: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a.k.a. Why Is My Site Not Listed At The Top of Google When I Do A Search?

This article taken from the Optometry Web Newsletter gives a basic explanation of search engine optimization and how Google reads and ranks your website. A good article to read if you really want to understand the basics of how SEO works.


Why Does my Google Ranking Fluctuate?

Provides an explanation of why your site might be fluctuating in the rankings and some tips on how to respond if this does happen to try to get your site back up.

Understanding Offline SEO

SEO involves more than just optimizing your website content. This article provides a general overview of the important SEO factors that take place off your site such as link building, local business directories and press releases.

How Long Should it Take?

A short video tutorial that discusses how long to expect results in SEO along with a few tips to make the process of improving your ranking more effective and more efficient.

Key Points about Keywords

This article explains how to select the most effective keywords to optimize your optometry website by using terms that will attract potential patients and tell search engine spiders who you are.


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