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Posted on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - 03:44 by NancyRausman

In a previous blog post, I explained why it’s time to start using video to promote your Practice. Effectively employing video to enhance your Practice marketing requires strategy and planning.
While there is no limit to the number of or possibilities for the videos you can create, you want to approach each one with a professional and organized method. First you need to decide what you want your video to accomplish. Here are some questions to answer to get you moving in the right direction:

  1. Is there a specific type of patient you are targeting in your community?
  2. Is there a specialty, a procedure or service you are looking to promote?
  3. Are there particular frame styles, products or equipment you would like feature?
  4. Is there something unique about your own expertise or staff member skill set that you need to be able to communicate on video?
  5. What areas of your Practice and which staff members do you want to be sure to include in the footage?

Once you have answered those questions and have a better idea of the strategy you want to take with your marketing video you can decide what you want your video to be about.  While some ODs like to start with an introduction to the office, others chose to focus on particular topics that can educate clients about a product or service or eye care in general. Here are a few ideas to get your creative wheels churning.

  • Welcome video to introduce yourself and your Practice to your visitors while highlighting the areas you specialize in, the unique products you have available or the exceptional services you provide. Think about things that your Practice offers that are different from your competitors.
  • Use video to let your audience know about things that are important to your Practice. Our client, Tutt Street Optometry, used a philanthropic trip to illustrate their deep commitment to helping others in need.                                                                                                                       
  • Use your video to help with patient education. There’s information that could be beneficial to your patients that you don’t have time to review with them… Are there things that you need to say to your patients or educate them about?
  • Make a video to educate potential patients on a specific area of interest, or tutorial such as inserting content lenses, proper care for lenses or alleviating eye allergies.
  • Offer potential patients an inside look into your specialty, such as Ortho-K and what they can expect on their first visit.
  • Spotlight a new line of eyewear or eyewear for sports or particular lifestyle.
  • Provide educational content that is tied in with your Practice’s recent blog or an article post that has broad consumer appeal/interest.
  • General vision correction or specific information about eye health and protection.

Before you shoot your video, you need to make sure you are prepared. Our next digital tip will include a checklist for creating a professional video that will be sure to attract attention.
Need some help planning your marketing video strategy? Our marketing experts are here for you. Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net or phone (412) 532-6542.

Posted on Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 18:44 by juliannradmanesh

April 21st. That’s the date Google’s mobile-friendliness update will roll out. 

What does this mean for your Practice? It means that Google will start using mobile-friendly compliance as a ranking factor in smartphone search and that for any OD out there that doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, it is time to act or risk the consequences.

Drop in Ranking

While we don’t know exactly how much site rankings will be affected by this update, non-mobile friendly websites will suffer some drop in rankings. If the update results in your website being pushed out of the top 10 for keyword searches, this will seriously affect your Practice’s traffic.  A June 2013 study by Chitika showed that 9 out of 10 searchers don't go beyond Google's first page of organic search results and a more recent study by Caphyon from 2014 found that pages 2 and 3 of the search results only get 5.59% of clicks. 

Mobile Usage for Optometry Websites

According to our PowerData results from over 1,000 optometry Practice websites last month, mobile traffic accounts for 34.73% of all traffic, with tablets taking another 7% ...that’s a lot! This means web users are using mobile to find local optometrists at a high rate (approaching 50%) and if you don’t have a mobile site, your traffic results will suffer. Another interesting finding, yet not relevant to this point is that Apple has 60% of that traffic on their devices. 

At EyeCarePro, we cover our clients depending on their needs by offering them either pure mobile sites or (for all new 2015 sites and beyond), responsive design websites. Responsive designs adapt their layout to the device that you are viewing from and are therefore mobile-friendly. 

Attention ODs! If you're reading this out there and you don't have a mobile-friendly site, contact us quickly and we'll help you beat the deadline.

You can contact Daniel by email at Daniel@eyecarepro.net or phone at (412) 532-6542. Don’t wait to see the consequences this Google update has on your bottom line!


Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 02:08 by NancyRausman

More and more case studies are showing that video marketing increases consumer reach and engagement by sometimes startling numbers. For example, a startup called Wistia found that emails that included videos had an increase of 300% for click-throughs over their emails without video. Another company, Attivio, found that video increased their users’ average time on site by 100%

Video viewing is climbing and continues to increase as people subscribe to YouTube channels and discover content they enjoy. According to 2014 YouTube report, over six billion hours of video is watched each month on the video search engine.

In addition, if you are considering PPC advertising, targeted video ads are a good way to engage with your local prospects at a fraction of the cost for traditional paid advertising and often wit

h a bigger return on your spend.

Turn Your Marketing Into an Experience

How do these studies based on tech startup companies relate to your optometry Practice? Well, the fact is, in addition to video being recognized as a universal differentiator when it comes to marketing across sectors, as an eye doctor, a big part of what you are selling to potential patients is experiential. It’s your personality, your expertise and the atmosphere you create in your Practice. It’s possible that even more in this case, video is a much more effective tool for giving over your fantastic bedside manner and your ability to adeptly explain how to apply and care for contacts. With video you are giving your audience a true, multi-sensory experience where they can get to know you and your practice or learn something new.

Show, Don’t Just Tell

For much of your potential audience it is easier to consume the message you are trying to send by watching a video than by taking the time to read it themselves. With text, most will lose interest along the way, very possibly before they have received your full message. Showing a video gives you the chance to get your main message across quickly and to engage your users until the end (unless your video is too long). Video is simply a more efficient and compelling way to give over information.  That’s why users like it. Here is a simple, yet informative allergy video which outlines how allergies affect the eyes. Developed by EyeCarePro and our partner EyeconX, you can download it for free here, Free allergy video.   

The time when video marketing gives you an edge over the competition is nearing it’s end as more and more optometry practices are catching on to its effectiveness. While many optometrists have been slow to adopt video in their online efforts, in the near future, your potential patients will simply expect you to be up to date with the latest technologies and question those practices that aren’t.

Whether it is on your website, social media, included in search engine advertising or in an email campaign, using video to engage your patients will increase trust and elicit a positive response to your Practice name. Ultimately, this becomes an effective marketing tool to bring in new patients, maintain contact with existing patients and increase your Practice revenue.

Want to hear more about how to incorporate video into your Practice marketing strategy? Contact Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net  or phone (412) 532-6542.

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Posted on Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 08:11 by NancyRausman

Safely Getting Staff Involved in Social Media Part Three

As I detailed in the last two articles, involving your staff in social media can transform and accelerate your Practice's exposure by leaps and bounds. But you want to make sure that this exposure is positive and is in line with your marketing goals. 

Research from Gallup reveals, 50% of employees are already sharing on social media about their work, but a third of them are doing so without any guidance from their employer. If your staff is going to be representing your Practice, you want to make sure you have set out clear goals, rules and guidelines. Here are some basic steps in training your staff to post responsibly.
Step One: The Basics
The first step is to make sure employees know how to use the social media platforms you are employing including the privacy settings, terms of use and culture (hashtags, type of content, tagging, Twitter abbreviations etc.).
It is also worthwhile to create standard profile content for employees to use for their accounts that describes your Practice effectively and consistently with your marketing message, and includes links to your website and social pages.

Step Two: Defined Goals
In order for your staff to be ambassadors for your Practice they need to know your brand promise (what is unique about your Practice, what you stand for, your values etc.) and what image you want to portray (an eye care educator, a fashion expert, a family centered practice). Social media is about creating a relationship, trust and engaging the community. Your staff should be aware of the potential - as well as the possible risks - and the types of content that you are looking to promote. Remind them of your goals of customer service and providing value and expertise to the community.
Step Three: Rules and Guidelines
You can and should create a social media policy for your staff; here are a few suggestions to include:

  1. Use your best judgement - before you post, think “I can never take this back.”Ask yourself if the post violates confidentiality, offends anyone, makes the practice look bador causes damage.                                                                                                                 
  2. Be truthful and transparent. Make sure that you are honest about your relationship to the practice and if you are posting your personal opinion clearly state that this is not the official stance of the Practice.                                                                                            
  3. Be accurate. Check the facts before you post something.                                                                   
  4. Be nice, clean and courteous. Use the same rules of conduct that you would in person in the office.                                                                                                
  5. Be respectful of competitors. You don’t want to start a social media war with the Practice down the street. Make it a policy to focus on your assets not your competition’s faults.


Looking for ideas to get your staff involved in social media? Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net  or phone (412) 532-6542 to find out more about our social media services.


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Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 - 05:35 by NancyRausman

Looking for ideas to get your staff involved in social media?

Our social media expert Sabina has plenty of ideas which she shares with our ODLingo clients each month. Here is an example of a couple of her suggestions from this past January:

1: Get A New Year's Resolution!

Everyone has something to aspire to in the new year, whether it is spending more time with family, eating healthier, exercising, or finishing school. Throughout the month of January, take a picture of each staff member working on his or her resolution and add a sentence about what the goals are. Encourage fans to share their New Year Resolutions as well.

Our ophthalmic technician’s New Year’s Resolution is to lead a healthier lifestyle. With a family history of diabetes, she doesn’t want to be the next one going down that road. Check out a few of her recipes for eating healthy and staying fit. What is your New Year Resolution?

2: January 28th Is Fun At Work Day!

Work is not always fun but there are moments in the day when fun happens. When that time of day comes, take a picture and post it with a sentence or two about the fun that is happening in the picture. Add some hashtags like, #FunAtWorkDay.

Social media ideas can be plenty, but it does involve some thought and planning ahead. It is worthwhile to have periodic brainstorming sessions to get staff involved and gather all of your creative ideas in one place. Then you can plan them out over a period of a few months so the whole endeavor will be less cumbersome.

Some great ideas and sources of content to share include:

  • Q & A Session with your Optician(s) 
  • Sneak Peek at your new products or special service
  • Ask for product reviews and recommend your favorite products 
  • Articles and blogs - industry related or just entertaining, interesting or fun
  • Breaking industry news - subscribe to Google Alerts
  • Announcements or information about local or global causes or events
  • Jokes, facts, trivia and predictions
  • Frame styles, fashion and fitting tips
  • Contests or challenges
  • Seasonal or holiday related content
  • Videos, photos and infographics
  • Unique staff hobbies or skills, post links to employee bios 
  • Commentary on news or sports (you might want to stay away from politics though!)

Stay tuned...in the next digital tip, I will share advice on how to train your staff to safely post on social media.
Want to hear more about our social media services or need help with developing your social media posts? Contact Daniel at Daniel@eyecarepro.net  or phone (412) 532-6542.


Daniel Rostenne Daniel Rostenne is a leader in the online optometric community and has made a career of creating and promoting effective web sites for optometric practices. He is a COPE educator, editor of Optometry Web, a regular speaker at eyecare events & conferences and has been widely published in Optometric e-zines. Daniel is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, in particular as it relates to best practices for Optometrists. You can sometimes find Daniel daydreaming on Google+.

Contact Daniel: 866-886-4442 or danielr@eyecarepro.net

Nancy Rausman Nancy Rausman is the managing editor of the EyeCarePro blog and Optometry Web Newsletter. She is responsible for providing ECPs with educational content that helps them advance their practices through technology, management strategies and digital marketing.

Contact Nancy:nancy@eyecarepro.net