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Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014 - 16:46 by juliannradmanesh

It seems like everyone today is starting a healthcare blog. Sounds easy and is easy on the surface, but blogging is a lot of work and needs a well thought out plan before getting started.

Blogs can be a great addition to your website. They are an excellent means of delivering health information quickly to a broad audience in a more colloquial and comprehensible way. Once your blog is up and running, it is easy to add new content and cross-market your blog with social media such as Facebook and Twitter posts. Your blog can be well integrated into your website and with some forethought refer the reader back to your website for even greater information on the subjects you are writing about in your blog. This will keep your website content fresh and make a positive impact on your search engine results.

It’s important to determine what you want to accomplish and what type of content you want to create to build engagement with your community. Before launching your eye care blog, review these five important considerations:

  • Determine how much time you will need to invest to produce a quality blog. In addition to writing, you’ll want a separate pair of eyes to edit. Many optometrists choose to outsource the writing and play the role of editor. Schedule your editing and writing time on your calendar.
  • Make sure you have enough ideas for content. Remember our last blog about audiences?  Make a two column list.  In column one, write down the topics you wish to blog about.  In column two, list the audience that you wish to write to. You may be surprised at the effectiveness of your writing when a specific audience is the focus. A good rule of thumb is to have twelve weeks of content before launching week one.
  • What is the “voice” of the blog? One of the great features of a good blog is accessibility and personality.  This is an opportunity to take complex healthcare ideas and write about them like you were discussing them over dinner.  Create a voice or a tone for your blog.  Will it have a little humor? Will you be a story teller? Are you a “fun facts” type of writer? Will case studies be your mainstay?
  • Post with consistency.  Try to keep your blogging on a consistent schedule. Posting once a week or once every other week will allow you to write more thoughtfully constructed posts, content that is worthwhile to share. This will also allow for more commenting on your topic over a period of time. Being consistent will keep your audience coming back and will help you meet your audience’s expectations. With consistency you will be rewarded with reader loyalty.
  • Remember that even your blog needs to be marketed. Even though blogging is a marketing device, if no one is reading it, it will not be very effective. Make sure your blog URL is emailed out to your patients, appears on your business cards and brochures and perhaps even announce its launch in a press release in your local newspapers.

Blogging takes time and patience. Try not to evaluate the effectiveness of your blog for at least six months.

Need feedback from knowledgeable writers in the eye health field? We're here to help you get started and make the most of your blogging. If you've got questions contact Daniel at daniel@eyecarepro.net or 412-532-6542.  


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Posted on Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - 01:00 by admin

You can do anything but it is hard to do everything! Avoid a DIY disaster with our DDIY Promise. Let us take care of marketing your Practice online and get ready for new patients and increased revenue! 

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Posted on Friday, October 3, 2014 - 01:00 by admin

We are excited to announce that EyeCarePro has been selected to provide online marketing services to the over 1600 California-based members of The Professional Eyecare Resources Co-Operative and Infinity Vision Alliance. Read more...

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Posted on Monday, September 29, 2014 - 13:23 by juliannradmanesh

Online marketing is an important strategy to grow your business, but offline marketing tactics can boost the effectiveness of your online marketing and vice versa. One very effective offline strategy is the planning and provision of community events. Your involvement in local events is a powerful tool for getting your community to know you as their eye care professional. Here are five marketing tips to get you on your way...

  • Identify opportunities for eye care education in your community. Align your Practice with businesses where eye protection or eye strain is a part of the work environment. PTA’s, hospital staffs, clinical groups, nursing and retirement homes are just a few examples.  
  • Develop your offering. Document what you are offering so that when you make contact, you have your talking points prepared and you also have information you can quickly send by email or postal mail. Your offering should be free of charge and contain a few topics (which gives you flexibility with different audiences) that you will present. Decide if you are willing to provide lunch or coffee and dessert to go along with your presentation as this is a strong “door opener”.                                                                                               
  • Understand your mission. While it will feel like the presentation is the key, the outcome of this activity is that community members get to meet you, in person and in a professional context. You've pointed out the need for eye care in a general way and they have now realized that the best way to remedy their eye care problem is with you.  This is a “first date”. How you come across to your audience will determine the number of “second dates” you receive.                                                                                                                                
  • Convey your differentiator. Answer the question, “Why should I be your eye doctor?” and make sure your answer is a compelling one. One Practice offered free eye glasses delivery to busy professionals that found it difficult to leave the office and make the time. Each time a pair of glasses were delivered and fitted at the office, it was an advertisement for that Practice with that business’ employees.
  • Document and develop a speaker’s resume. Nothing will convince someone to invite you to speak to their organization more than previous speaking engagements. Keep a running list of places where you presented and a reference person at each location.

Public speaking takes time to develop and is time away from your office, however the return is often extraordinary. If you’d like to learn more or receive support for your community outreach contact Daniel at daniel@eyecarepro.net or 412-532-6542

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Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014 - 15:55 by juliannradmanesh


Google Analytics gives you lots of data about your website traffic, but very little useful information. One important data point it does provide is "Average Pages Per Visit", which is an indicator of how engaging your website is. Now, let's provide some information about that number.

Without question, if that number is too low… below two pages per visit, the chances are that something is wrong with the content of your website or your web traffic may not be attracting its target audience. Our analysis of over 1000 optometric websites found that Practices with less than 2 pages per visit often had other negative traffic factors such a low time on site or a very high bounce rate. In short, visitors just aren't finding what they're looking for on your site, so they leave.  

To fix the problem, consider these four factors:

1)  Take an objective look at your website, or, better yet, contact your website support and ask for their ideas on how to make your website more appealing and easy to read.

2)  The top information that visitors look for on a website is: doctor info, location/directions, hours, and insurance information. Make sure those items can be easily located on the home page and in your toolbar navigation.  Name them well, and position them first!

3)  Is your home page a disorganized and out-of-date? You might have an attractive design, but over time, even a nice house gets messy and cluttered. Again, ask Support for help and clean up your home page in order to focus on what's important to your potential patients. When it comes to homepages, often less is more.

4)  Engage your visitor!  Send existing visitors to your website to fill in online paperwork.  Point them to the site for more information about a particular condition they might have. Engage potential patients with insights about common eye problems and how the practice can help. Don't forget products - everyone's always looking for a nice set of frames and sunglasses; promote your products on your website. Engage visitors and draw them into your site.

The higher your "Average Pages Per Visit" is, the more engaged are your website visitors. You might think that this is true up to a point, and at a certain point, visitors spend just too much time looking for the content they want, and have to click on too many web pages on.  In truth, however, visitors just don't have the patience to go browsing through your website to find what they want. If they're potential patients, they'll sooner leave your site than keep looking. If they're existing patients, expect the phone to ring instead of people using your website as the self-serve vehicle that it should be.

Practices with under 2 pages per visit average 4 new patients a month from their website, while Practices with more than 2 pages per visit average 6 new patients. That’s 50% more new patients which equates to $7200 per year in new patients!  Certainly a problem worth fixing!

Not sure what your average pages per visit is on your website? If you’re an EyeCarePro customer, look for your Practice’s monthly PowerData email from EyeCarePro and know your score! See an example of PowerData here.



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Daniel Rostenne Daniel Rostenne is a leader in the online optometric community and has made a career of creating and promoting effective web sites for optometric practices. He is a COPE educator, editor of Optometry Web, a regular speaker at eyecare events & conferences and has been widely published in Optometric e-zines. Daniel is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization, in particular as it relates to best practices for Optometrists. You can sometimes find Daniel daydreaming on Google+.

Contact Daniel: 866-886-4442 or danielr@eyecarepro.net

Nancy Rausman Nancy Rausman is the managing editor of the EyeCarePro blog and Optometry Web Newsletter. She is responsible for providing ECPs with educational content that helps them advance their practices through technology, management strategies and digital marketing.

Contact Nancy:nancy@eyecarepro.net