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About Us

Get to Know Us Better

We are known for our exemplary customer service and that's no accident. We have a dedicated team of talented staff who go to great lengths to ensure our clients are thrilled with the service they receive from us. Check out our mugshots and learn how each member of our staff fits into the big picture!

The Power to Build Your Practice

EyeCarePro is a leader in digital and traditional new patient acquisition strategies for optometry and eye care professionals, employing a global team of Web Development, SEO, Marketing, Sales and Customer Support experts. EyeCarePro’s team is dedicated to helping optometric practices achieve growth by attracting new patients and building engaging relationships with existing patients. EyeCarePro offers value through results-driven marketing programs and employs proven, powerful and effective online and traditional marketing strategies in social media, search engine optimization and sales growth initiatives.

Experience Counts

EyeCarePro’s management team is comprised of members from several successful startups including MyNeighborsKid Inc, NTS Internet Solutions and Tapestry Solutions Ltd.

In 1998 this talented team created Optometry.net – the first web site builder solution designed specifically for the optometric industry. The product generated considerable interest in the industry and within two years Optometry.net had forged partnerships with key industry figures and advertisers, and had developed a customer base of over 400 early adopters. In the summer of 2000 Optometry.net was purchased by First Insight, where it continues to run successfully.

In 2005 the same management team regrouped to do what most companies seldom have the chance to do -- rebuild a technology from square one. This amazing opportunity allowed EyeCarePro to build on past experiences, avoid previous pitfalls and improve the product with an eye towards the future of Optometry on the Internet.

To forge new directions in the eye care community EyeCarePro spearheaded optometry's first virtual conference - Seeing is Believing (SiB). SiB helped practices avoid the often prohibitive expenses and time commitment associated with travelling to industry conferences. On the heels of SiB's success, CEing is Believing (CEiB) was born - a virtual COPE approved conference. CEiB makes getting continuing education credits easier than ever!

Meet our Fantastic Team!

Great Products Don't Hurt Either!

EyeCarePro.net's core offering - ODSite - provides doctors with a powerful optometric web site. With an EyeCarePro website a practice can attract and engage new patients, establish their specific expertise, streamline office processes such as new patient intake and appointment setting, and present a professional and modern online presence. We do all the work.

In addition to providing customers with a powerful, integrated web presence, EyeCarePro brings its customers ODMetro, ODLingo and ODLite - a suite of marketing services to help optometrists promote their practices through SEO, mobile strategies, monthly campaigns and advanced online techniques.

EyeCarePro was responsible for COPE's first course on Search Engine Optimization - How to Rank #1 on Google, a 1 hour, CE accredited webinar where practices will learn how to rank better on the search engines. Today we offer a new course COPE ID: 52363-PM Marketing Essentials to teach optometrist how best to excel in today's online market. Invite us to your group or society meeting.

As part of EyeCarePro.net’s ongoing efforts to give back to the eye care industry, we have ongoing efforts to provide ebooks, free campaigns and regular advice on how to succeed on your own. Sign up to be a part of our email list. You'll be glad you did.

Moving Forward

EyeCarePro is committed to:

  • Staying at the forefront of the optometric industry online. Forging new Technology and Industry partnerships.
  • Improving the features and functionality and services offered with ODSite, ODLingo, ODLite and ODMetro.
  • Adding new marketing tools and initiatives to better promote our customers' web sites.
  • Maintaining our focus on new patient appointments as our sole results.

If you have suggestions on features or partnerships that would benefit the users of EyeCarePro, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to hear from you!