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Are You Up to Date on Facebook Page Updates?

Yup. Another update. Facebook is once again making some changes to business pages designed to improve the user’s ability to find the most important information on your page. Here’s the deal…

You or your social media manager may have recently received a notification that your Facebook page’s template will be changing. Or you may have noticed that your page looks a little different. According to Facebook, these updates are designed to help your business connect with people and highlight the most important information they are seeking (such as contact information, appointments, hours, location, recommendations and services).  

Here’s a snapshot of the email:

Facebook’s email illustrates how they are changing default templates of some business pages from a standard template to a “services” template, however there is also an option to keep the standard template if that is preferred. The “new” layout, is actually not new- Facebook has always offered different layout options. According to Sabina Fonseca, our social media expert, until now all pages used the “standard” layout as default unless it was changed by the admin, and it seems that now Facebook is finally trying to organize pages better. Other than the page being reorganized to show what the viewers are most commonly looking for, not much will change.

Ratings Are Now Recommendations

Another area that will be highlighted in the services template is recommendations, and this is where Facebook actually is making a change. Previously, when users wrote a review of your business they could leave a numerical rating from 1-5. Now, they will simply select “yes or no” whether they would recommend your practice. In addition, when a user tags your business in a post or photo they will be given the opportunity to publicly recommend your business as well. The recommendation field will also be made more user friendly by providing quick tags that can be selected such as “Great service”.

All in all, these changes won’t have much impact on how you use your page, but it’s always important to keep up to date on the user experience and to ensure that your page is accurate and up to date.  If you need help with your social media strategy, we are here to help! Contact me at or (412) 532-6542.

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