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Call Tracking

I just love the new call tracking service. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page.

Being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary and it seems to be multiplying very quickly. First a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!

Dr. Gary Stocker,
Milpitas Optometric Group

Call Tracking is now included in EyeCarePro’s website marketing services. With Call Tracking you can see in real time how many calls are generated from your site, who is calling, the location of the calls, and if the phone call generated a new patient.

Read more about Call Tracking below. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us - we're only too happy to help you get started on this exciting journey!

Is Call Tracking Easy to Setup?

It takes 5 minutes to set-up. It's a very exciting feature that really gives Practices a good feeling for how much business their website is generating and it's so easy on the staff!

How Does a Call Tracking Phone Number Work?

First we’ll set up a special Call Tracking phone number for your Practice. You will keep this number for as long as you are using this service. This number will replace your regular phone number on your website. When clients call it will ring through to your office just like your normal phone number and staff can answer the call as usual. (This number is subject to 'reasonable use'. It should only be used to track incoming online marketing efforts and is not be used or distributed as the Practice's main phone number).

How Long Do I Get The Number For?

The number is active for as long as you are with our service. If the service is free due to ODLite or ODLingo, clients who stop either of those services can subscribe to call tracking separately (call us for details) or can buy the phone number by itself (with no Call Tracking service) if desired.

What is Tracked During a Call?

There is automatic recording of: 

  • Time of call
  • Call duration
  • City call was placed from 
  • Zip code call was placed from

Are Any Calls Dropped?

In a recent view of the last 10,000 calls that went through the system, 3 of them failed - a 0.03% failure rate. The average Practice getting 100 calls a month will experience one dropped call every 3 years at that rate!

How Many Phone Calls Should I expect?

The total number of incoming tracking phone calls depends many factors such as:

  • daily “busy-ness” of the Practice
  • number of full time doctors on staff
  • traffic levels and effectiveness of the website

As a general rule, a single doctor Practice should expect upwards of 200 visits to their website a month, and in some cases double that depending on the location of the Practice. A healthy website should generate over $1000 in new patients a month and over 30 incoming phone calls.

What Kind of Reports will I get?

You will get real-time web reporting with a summary of total number of new patients generated from the website as well as total incoming calls and a call log of all calls. Plus a website ROI calculator showing how successful your website marketing is (at $300/new patient). You will be emailed a permanent web page that you can use to view your real-time Call Tracking report. Here is a sample:

Call Tracking Report

How Do I Track If The Call Resulted In A New Patient Or Not?

There are two options to our call tracking system...

Option 1: Hands Free Tracking

For the busy practice that trusts in statistics! Your staff will love this option. Do nothing! We've statistically analyzed over 5000 call results that were manually tracked by staff, and using regression analysis, we're able to track your call results for you. With 95% confidence, we can look at your call tracking data for the month and tell you how many new patients you received from those calls. Do nothing! Just look at your report at the end of the month, and enjoy the new patients.

Option 2: Press 1 or Press 2 - What Do My Staff Need to Do?

For the practice that demands certainty! This option provides you with the opportunity to manually track the outcome of each call yourself by pressing 1 or 2 at the end of each call. Not hard! (but your staff might like it!).

Your new Call Tracking phone number tracks several important pieces of data automatically. However, with only a few seconds of effort per call, we can track if the call resulted in a new patient or not! Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Step 1: When a call comes in, the call display shows your 'Incoming Tracking Number'. This indicates that the person on the line got your phone number from the website. Listen! When you answer the phone, only YOU will hear a message that says “Please stay on the line after this call to track the results”.
  • Step 2: Speak to the caller as usual but don’t hang up at the end of the call.
  • Step 3: At the end of the call, don't hang up! Instead, press *. This hangs up the call with the patient but will give you several prompts to choose from “Press 1 if that was a new appointment, otherwise 2”. Press 1 or 2, then hang up.

When callers phone in they will hear the following message "Hi, thanks for calling our office. Your call is important to us so please stay on the line while we connect you." In the past this was message was done by a robotic sounding voice. The message has now been improved and was recorded by Ruben Maldonado a voice actor who hails from Booklyn, NY (pictured on the right). Listen to the message voiced by Ruben.

That's it!  The call has been tracked. Look for the totals in your online report and get a great understanding of how your website is helping your Practice grow.