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Frequently Asked

  Got a question? Bet we've got the answer! Kindly check the list below before you call us :-)

  • Domain Names
    How can I get the Domain Name I want to work at EyeCarePro?
  • Website Images
    How can I incorporate photos in my website?
  • Email
    How do I set up email addresses that will work with my EyeCarePro website and domain name?
  • Website Forms
    How do I set up the built-in forms on my website (Contact, Customer Survey, Patient Registration & Appointment)?
  • Patient Management Systems
    Can Crystal or Compulink be incorporated into my website?
  • Contact Lens Store
    Can I provide a Contacts Store on my website?
  • Eyemaginations Videos
    Will Eyemaginations videos work on my website?
  • Appointment Booking
    Can I use a third party Appointment Scheduler on my website?
  • Google Analytics
    Can I use Analytics on my website and what can it do for my Practice?
  • Content Blocks
    What are Content Blocks and how do they affect my website?
  • Doctor Bios
    Complete this form to provide all of the details needed to set up the "Doctors" page on your site.
  • Mobile Websites
    What approach does EyeCarePro take to sites for Mobile devices?


Call Toll Free: 1 866-886-4442

To Sue (Customer Support Manager), thank you so very much helping me with our site every step of the way. I would like you to know what a wonderful experience I had switching over to EyeCarePro.net and what an asset you are to the company. Thanks again for all you've done! 
Jeff Geisert, O.D. 
ProEye Group