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ODLingo Report Snapshot

You can't improve what you can't measure! Good reports are the first step to a successful virtual marketing plan and results-based reports are a key component of ODLingo. To better understand the kind of in-depth reporting your Marketing Manager will provide to your Practice, have a look at the information below. This is just a snapshot of some of the statistics and useful data you'll get as an ODLingo customer!

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Web Site Appointments

Focus on results - understand how many new patient appointments you're getting from your website so you can better calculate your ROI.  See how your existing patients are using your web site. Remember, many visitors who look at your appointment page actually phone you to schedule an appointment, so your website is doing a lot more for you than the statistics can show.


Google Analytics

Compare your website traffic month by month or back a year. While it's important for traffic to grow, there are many factors that affect web site traffic such as vacations by doctors in the practice, national and local holidays, big events. Your Marketing Manager goes over your website traffic graph with you and helps make sense of what happened and why.


Site Usage

It's not all about quantity - traffic quality plays a big role in getting new patients from your website. Your site usage helps you understand your traffic quality by giving you more than just how many people looked at your website, rather, how many pages did they visit, for how long, are they repeat visitors, etc. Your Marketing Manager works with your website to focus on improving traffic quality as well as quantity.


Top Traffic Referrers

Not all traffic is created equal. Find out what source is driving more of your traffic, and what source is providing the best traffic.


Your monthly report provides you with an integrated dashboard from Google and Facebook.  Facebook Insights help you understand what your growth in Facebook fans is, and more important, how many of those people are actively engaged in talking about your page.

Page Posts

Merely having a Facebook page is not enough without great posts. EyeCarePro contributes engaging posts to your FB page as part of ODLite and ODLingo. The goal of our posts and campaigns is to engage users, get them talking the posts, resulting in a high virality score and more people aware of your Practice. 

Important Keywords

Just because a keywords ranks highly in the search engines doesn't mean many people are using it in searches. This table is customized to your website and focuses on displaying how many times visitors actually came to your site with keywords that are important to you. For example, a visitor who searched for 'optometrist for an eye exam' and came to your site is likely a far better visitor than one who searched for 'cheap eye glasses'.


Search Engine Position

We'll automatically tell you where you're ranking in the search engines for all the keywords that are important to your Practice. You don't have to manually check Google every few days to see how you're doing. Your monthly report includes current rankings as well as changes from last month's rankings. We can track as many keywords for your Practice as needed.