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What is PPC?

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You’ll see more calls coming in and more patients than with any organic SEO method.

Pay-Per-Click marketing involves creating a targeted ad for relevant search engine searches based on your budget and the keywords specific to your business. You only pay when the searcher is truly interested and your ad is clicked.

PPC is one of the most effective forms of local marketing. EyeCarePro’s local OD PPC will give your Practice the ability to target consumers in your city or neighborhood that are actively looking for your products, unique services/specialty or seeking eye exams.

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EyeCarePro’s ODPPC, Pay-Per-Click marketing will drive more traffic to your site, increase your patient base, grow your sales and build your SEO

Budget Conscious Advertising
With PPC campaigns, you can tailor your budget based on your business goals and determine how aggressive you would like to be. This helps you stick to your budget and manage your return on investment.

Targeted Landing Pages
You want to bring potential patients that click on your ad to a relevant, professionally designed landing page that presents what they’re looking for. Creating the right landing page will lead to a positive user experience, higher conversion rates and greater SEO for your Practice over time.

More Patients are just a click away…
PPC can have big returns but running successful PPC marketing campaigns can be complicated and time consuming. Our PPC experts will set everything up you need for success while you and your staff concentrate on giving great care to your new patients it brings in!

Services Include
Ad Text Optimization
Professionally created ad copy, targeted to your unique consumer and locale
PPC works on a bidding system and we’ll ensure you get the most clicks possible for your budget
Landing Page Design and Optimization
Designed and developed to get the highest quality conversions and build your SEO. View sample landing pages here.
Keyword Research
An analysis of your small business and competitors in order to create a list of keywords that will target the audience looking for your products/services.
Conversion Tracking
We use tools like unique phone numbers to track patients that are calling in from the number on your ad.
Review Reporting with your Marketing Manager or PPC Manager
We’ll help you understand your metrics and ensure you are getting great ROI for your Practice. Your EyeCarePro Marketing Manager will use PPC analytics tools, set monthly projections, track your goals and provide you with monthly results reports.
EyeCarePro's retargeting ad technology allows your advertising to be seen again and again by the people that had previously visited your website, but did not convert to a patient yet. Retargeting your audience allows you to recapture an individual’s interest and is a proven tool that leads to a higher conversion rate.

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