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Optometric Associations

What our Partners are Saying...

Photograph "We use EyeCarePro for our practice web site. What I liked about the process was how easy it was to get started. We went from no web presence to a professional site in just a few easy steps. We feel that EyeCarePro will help us grow our practice. In many ways, it's like having a full time advertising and marketing staff member who is always on time and is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! EyeCarePro is very easy to use and cost effective. The KOA endorses EyeCarePro and has secured a discount for all KOA members. I recommend it to all our members."

Dr. Julie Metzger
Former President
Kentucky Optometric Association

Photograph"At IDOC, we are dedicated exclusively to making independent Optometric practices more successful. We define success by having practices run more efficiently, profitably, serving patients better, and ensuring that each patient is happy with the service they receive. We found EyeCarePro to be one of the companies that can help achieve all of these goals.

An EyeCarePro web site helps attract new patients to the practice, provides better service to existing patients, and streamlines patient interactions. Our Partnership with EyeCarePro benefits IDOC by allowing us to increase revenues, provide valuable services to our members, and build towards a future that will allow us provide content and advertising on our member's web sites.

IDOC is a unique practice development group that requires all of its members to be members of their respective State Associations and the AOA. We fully recommend EyeCarePro as a partner to all State Associations."

Mark S. Feder, O.D.
Independent Doctors of Optometric Care (IDOC)

Photograph"...Eye Recommend has been working closely with EyeCarePro to help our practice owners learn the skills they need to compete in today’s tough online world of interactive websites, search engine optimization and social media.

EyeCarePro’s eye-opening webinars have produced a wealth of information and have taken our partnership to the next level. By providing these business building and relevant webinars, our practice owners learn everything they need to know about how to compete successfully on today’s internet.

Eye Recommend always looks for partners that provide great products and services but also ones that are willing to share their time and expertise to help our practices grow and thrive. EyeCarePro is that partner and is continually working to provide important resources to help our members.

New members often tell us they joined Eye Recommend, not only for the great discounts and products, but especially for the exceptional training and services provided in programs like the one EyeCarePro is currently offering with their webinars."

Ken Barbet
Eye Recommend

Photograph"Our focus is to bring value to our members, and our strategy to achieve that goal is to partner with selected industry suppliers and bring their services to our members. By partnering with the supplier, we can really understand their services and successfully introduce it to our members. Our partnership with EyeCarePro, to bring turnkey, comprehensive web site solutions to our members, confirmed the success of our strategy.

Through EyeCarePro, we have brought tremendous value to our members. EyeCarePro's full-feature, customized practice web sites are helping our members better serve their patients, and are helping us better serve our members. EyeCarePro's Banner Manager has brought Eye Recommend and its members advertising revenue and our custom site templates help promote the Eye Recommend brand to new potential members."

Lorne Daniel
General Manager
Eye Recommend

EyeCarePro is proud to be endorsed by a variety of State Optometric Associations and buying groups. We partner with the associations listed below to provide ongoing support to their members and build the online optometric community.