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EyeCarePro's Values

We most value:

  1. Our Fellow Team: We value our colleagues as the cornerstone of our business.
  2. Our Family Time: We believe that if we take care of our family first, there will be time and space for the work we need to do to support our family.
  3. Technology: We use technology to automate everything possible; for it is in automating that we are able to improve the quality of our work through faster, more predictable and reliable means.
  4. Teaching: We live by the dictum that it is better to teach a man to fish. We use every opportunity possible to teach, and believe that everyone we interact with wants to learn.
  5. Customers Happiness: The customer’s happiness is the key to our success. Our customers can teach us about our industry.  
  6. Innovation: We always challenge the world around us and look for new, better, more efficient, cost effective ways of getting things done.

We manage ourselves by:

  1. Striving for Integrity: We are first honest with ourselves and then with those around us including our peers, company leadership and customers. We know what we need to do, and when, and it is our responsibility to get it done or ask for help. 
  2. Being Proactive: We get things done early so they have the most impact possible. We do our best to anticipate problems. We don’t ignore a problem and assume somebody else will fix it.  When we see one, we attack and resolve it.   
  3. Learning & Growing: We participate fully in the learning provided to us and seek out other opportunities to learn and grow.
  4. Having a Voice: We communicate often and clearly to express appreciation, to convey problems we have identified and to teach others about our areas of expertise.
  5. Effectively Solving Problems: We know the questions to ask to get to the bottom of a problem quickly so that we can remedy the issue accurately.
  6. Using Technology Well: We use technology effectively to provide work reminders, verification that work has been completed and feedback on our work that of our peers.

We are best defined as:

  1. Good Communicators: We must overcome the communications obstacles inherent in a virtual office by making extra efforts to inform others of our efforts. We communicate through reports, SalesForce and via phone, email, & IM. 
  2. Valuable Colleagues: We value personal relationships and strive to build them to enable all other aspects of our value system.
  3. Positive People: We approach our work and relationships positively with the confidence that all can be solved and we trust in the skills of our colleagues.