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Testimonials: Ease of Use

  • Within 1 week we were up and running live.

    Dr. John Burns
  • Our website prior to using EyeCarePro was a homegrown design. It provided a web presence, but was not very functional. It required many hours to create and the ability to use and create patient forms was extremely labor-intensive, and required constant monitoring.

    Now, our EyeCarePro site is pure SIMPLICITY! No time spent trying to get the format just right. Web forms are seamless, and the partner-products make it very feature-filled . I can spend my time and energy getting a message to the patient, rather than being frustrated with the process of creating a workable site.

    Dr. Michael McCormick
  • This was our first website and frankly, we wanted it to be just right the first time. The template system definitely made it easy to get started, but more importantly, we can change it in the future as new information comes out, and we can modify our marketing strategy whenever we feel like it. So far, our patients love it.
    The results speak for themselves. The flash video designed by Steve at EyeCarePro was the perfect 'eye catcher'. Sue was extremely helpful and I cannot say enough about the whole organization - very responsive and experienced. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a website that is functional but not too complicated.

    Dr. Wong and Dr. Solum
  • This is my first web site and has been easy to navigate through the template for someone who isn't very computer oriented.

    I'm very happy to finally be represented on the World Wide Web. So many people spend so much time on the computer that if you don't have a presence there you are at a disadvantage. I love the look of my web site and I can always be working to improve and change it to stay current.

    I like that there is always help available and there are no dumb questions. I have and continue to enjoy figuring out what to do next and the suggestions I receive from Sue at eyecarepro.net.

    Dr Amy Spang
  • Before, we had great difficulty finding someone to readily update our site when we wanted to add new content.

    Dr. Santrell Hart-Moreland
  • We use EyeCarePro to keep our site up to date and fun.

    Dr. Nazy Galehdari
  • We have a great website that is easy to maintain.

    Dr. Angelo Marino
  • Lots of flexibility and customization.

    Dr. Brian Berliner
  • No waiting for someone to return a call or spending hours back and forth to make the simplest of changes or additions to the website- it takes literally seconds.

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman
  • Easily upload new photos, change text, move things around...whatever I want to change.

    Dr. William Vaughan