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Testimonials: Life Before EyeCarePro

  • When I was looking for a new hosting service for my website, I looked at several of my colleague's sites to see what they were doing. Several of them were EyeCarePro clients and their sites stood out from all of the others in terms of appearance, professionalism, information, and being interactive. My inquiries to EyeCarePro were answered promptly and professionally, with no pressure to sign up. Very happy to be with EyeCarePro.

    Eric Colegrove
  • We had stale, non-updated websites.

    Dr. Ankur Kalra
  • All changes  to our old website were time consuming and costly.

    Dr. Barry K. Lesnick
  • We were not able to make changes to our website ourselves, and now I feel much more involved and interactive with the site.

    Dr. Karla Reimer
  • We thought this was too difficult for a practice of our size.

    Dr. Diane King
  • We had little knowledge about what SEO was much less why it was important for us.

    Dr. Mitchell Broussard
  • We were unimpressive on the web.

    Dr. Russ Orr
  • We used other companies that did not produce as much for us.

    Dr. Stephen Goodman
  • We tried to market on our own over the internet without success.

    Dr. Andrew Ciambrone
  • We spent a lot of wasted time developing our website!

    Dr. Michael Sonnleitner
  • We were in the dark.

    Dr. Becky De Ruyter