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Testimonials: Overall Experience

  • I did not have a website before EyeCarePro. Now, I have a very professional website that generates lots of compliments and referrals. What more could I ask for in a site!

    Dr. Jay Lee
  • My old web site was nice enough, but patients rarely commented on it. With my new EyeCarePro web site, I've already had a number of enthusiastic reviews from patients! Plus, my EyeCarePro web site is a breeze to update, which makes it a great improvement over my old site.
    The fact that EyeCarePro is able to optimize my new web site for the search engines so that customers will be able to find it more easily is the icing on the cake!

    I recommend EyeCarePro to any practitioner who wants to create or improve their website.

    Dr. Kevin M. Riggs
  • I had no clue where to begin with a web site after purchasing a domain name for my Practice. ECPro's email account setup feature (which is included with the Website Builder service) was just what I needed. ECPro is wonderful! It provides the necessary components for a truly comprehensive and personalized website.

    Dr. Maurice Lynch
  • Our web site was done by a local school teacher and while we had a site, it did not look professional. We love our new site and love directing patients to the site. It was fun to design and we love making it ours. While we still have some work to do, it is certainly a far cry from our original site

    Since working with EyeCarePro.net we’ve had quick customer service - assistance when needed and great suggestions given to us by Sue in Customer Support. We have referred the company to several other doctors. We have been extremely pleased!

    Dr. Paula Newsome
  • We've been very happy with EyecarePro's services. They've been helpful, and made it easy and enjoyable to develop and upgrade our web site. Our site before working with EyecarePro was very basic and dated - there were no options to visit different pages.

    EyecarePro.net helped us develop an excellent web site with ease - and lots of support - at a very reasonable cost.

    Dr. Rich Barnstein
  • My website was nonexistent before being introduced to EyeCare Pro.  EyeCare Pro made my website development so easy and efficient, we were off and running in no time. I am very proud of my web site - I feel it truly represents me and my practice. I love the ease of use and the ability to customize.  This is important for someone like me with little web site design experience.

    Dr. Kimberly Ragan-Johnson