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Testimonials: Patient Friendly Websites

  • Our patients enjoy the ability to order their contacts or nutritional supplements right on our website.

    Dr. Harvey Richman
  • Our old website was aesthetically pleasing but not very interactive - we didn't get many hits since there was really no incentive for patients to visit. Our ECPro site is much more interactive and the EyeCarePro staff customized it just the way we wanted!  Our patients love the way they can pre-register online and that they can also request their appointment times. Our staff love receiving this information in advance as it makes the patient flow much more efficient.

    In particular, I love the new EyeGlass Guide 2.0 from Transition.  It is a great tool to guide our patients through the many options they have when when choosing their lenses and frames.  I will definitely direct out patients to this web feature!

    Dr. Beth Lennox
  • I had several Web sites for my eye care practice before I used the site provided by EyeCarePro.net, and the main one was through Verizon SuperPages. Our old Web site required a fair amount of effort on my part to set up and provide content. It was awkward to change the content and I encountered problems in changing links and formatting. Icons that seemed OK one day would be unreadable another.

    Since we moved our Web site to EyeCarePro.net, we have had more patients contact us. Plus, some of them have requested appointments online! It's nice to have them fill out patient information sheets before stepping in the office. The format is easier to navigate. Several of our patients have commented on the library and information features. Overall, there has been more feedback and positive comments from our patients since we switched to EyeCarePro.net from our patients.

    Dr. Edward Melman
  • Now that we work with EyeCarePro we are proud to tell people our web address.

    Dr. Brenda Lovik
  • EyeCarePro has a special understanding of the eye care industry and our desire to focus on patient care.

    EyeLux Optometry
  • Our patients are happy with the easy, functional website, and are thrilled to fill out medical forms from the comfort of their own homes.

    Dr. John Nowell
  • Patients love the interaction with our office on facebook and they love the ease of contacting our office by phone, email, website, or facebook.

    Dr. David Way