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Testimonials: Patient Registration and Appointment Booking

  • Before EyeCarePro.net, we had a Web site (from a template) which could not be modified to include flash, custom pictures, e-commerce, and e-mails to our office. Our old Web site was not visited often and it just 'educated' our patients and lacked interactive features. It was mediocre and nothing to be excited about.

    Our Web site now that we have through EyeCarePro.net is very patient friendly. The site allows patients to order contact lens orders, to email our staff, to fill out surveys, and to complete registration forms which are then e-mailed to our office. We get several daily downloads and emails from the site. Patients love to fill out all their paperwork online! The most common compliment we receive on our Web site through EyeCarePro.net is the front page with our flash video!

    The staff at EyeCarePro.net has been awesome with their quick response to our requests. They have been extremely flexible in allowing us to create a custom Web site breaking the 'Template Only' modality. I am really very happy with all of their services!

    Dr. Rajeev K. Raghu
  • Our patients tell us that it is so nice to fill out their paper work before they arrive.

    Dr. Trinae Rosato
  • Patients have even commented that we must have a state-of-the-art office because our website is so professional!

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman
  • I like the optometric-based templates that are already put together for me yet are still customizable to my practice. I feel the templates are very up to date and have great visual appeal and organization.

    I think the one feature I like best is the ability for patients to request appointments and do online registration. Patients have really loved being able to go ahead and get their paperwork taken care of prior to their visit, at their convenience.  This has allowed our office to be more efficient because when a patient arrives we are already ready for their exam to begin, and this leaves a great impression on our patients.

    Dr. Rhonda Bray
  • My office did not have a Web site prior to using EyeCarePro.net. I heard about EyeCarePro.net from a colleague, and then I checked out the Eyecarepro.net Web site. I was impressed by EyeCarePro.net’s reasonable cost to establish a Web site, ease of set up, and the site’s professional look.

    The EyeCarePro Web site is incredibly easy to manage. I enjoy the features of online registration, appointment scheduling, and direct email from the Web site. Patients love not having to fill out paperwork when they arrive for their appointments! They simply fill out the online registration and my technicians load all of the information into our EMR prior to the appointment. Filling out forms online saves time in the office, since the technicians don't need to take a medical or ocular history while the patient is in the chair.
    I enjoy having a presence on the Web with EyeCarePro.net and using their web optimization. Having a Web site with EyeCarePro.net has been a great way for patients to find me on the web!

    Dr. Deborah Moon
  • We really like the online appointment confirmation feature.  It has helped reduce our front-desk staff time and has reduced our phone-call confirmation process time too.  It has the added benefit of also letting us know that patients are paying attention to their electronic reminders.

    Dr. Brad Owens
  • The online registration and ability to request an appointment online has allowed us to offer new options for our patients, while at the same time helping the efficiency of our offices.

    Dr. Robert Shipp
  • We use our website to communicate with patients, to link to online ordering of contact lenses, and to have patients fill our paperwork before arriving at the office.

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman