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Testimonials: Return on Investment

  • I started using Eyecarepro for my new practice which opened two years ago. Once I saw how many new patients it was attracting within 6 months, I stopped using using a competitor for my other 20 year old practice and switched both over to Eyecarepro. Within a couple months the number of eye exams had increased significantly for an old practice that had been stagnant for years.

    Kent Risk, OD
  • We have used ODLingo for almost every marketing campaign, directly or indirectly. Every marketing campaign over the past few years has been orchestrated by EyeCarePro. One of the many beauties of ODLingo is that the company support you receive as a whole, is here to help OD's succeed. I have learned that being an OD does not mean I am the greatest marketing or social guru in optometry. I have learned over the past few years that you leave certain areas of expertise to the professionals. I provide input and then get out of the way. I feel that what expertise I have in social media has in many ways been due to their mentoring. There is no doubt that much of my success in developing my practice during these challenging times and the ever growing importance of a social media presence is because of ECP and ODLingo.

    Dr. Tommy Lim
  • I want to let you know how thoroughly pleased we are with our new Practice website. Sue and everyone at EyeCarePro have been extremely helpful and patient with us. I love how easy it is to add custom images and content. My only regret is not having our website designed by EyeCarePro sooner!

    Dr. William Richey
  • I just love the new call tracking service. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page. Being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary and it seems to be multiplying very quickly. First a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!

    Dr. Gary Stocker
  • Our patients enjoy the ability to order their contacts or nutritional supplements right on our website.

    Dr. Harvey Richman
  • Within 1 week we were up and running live.

    Dr. John Burns
  • I average around 50 new patients a month directly due to my web presence.

    Dr. William Vaughan
  • I really like the cohesive, professional look of my site.

    Dr. Jen Simonson
  • I did not have a website before EyeCarePro. Now, I have a very professional website that generates lots of compliments and referrals. What more could I ask for in a site!

    Dr. Jay Lee
  • If you want to improve your bottom line, attract new patients to your office and update your practice to the world, EyeCarePro can do that for you.

    Dr. Barry C. Nolt
  • The best part about EyeCarePro is that they listen to what your practice goals are, such as what type of patient you are trying to attract, and they design a strategy to help you connect with them though search engine optimization.

    Dr. Tommy Lim
  • We have been tremendously pleased with EyecarePro and the results we have seen.  Initially, we hired them to rebuild our website and help increase the traffic on our site and the results we've seen have been incredible!  We were so pleased that we ended our contract with another company and turned over all of our online reputation management, website management, and social media consultation to EyecarePro.  They are extremely efficient, easy to work with, and have great marketing campaign ideas with wonderful materials to back them.  If you are hoping to increase your online presence, we highly recommend EyecarePro to help you reach top rankings.

    Christina Foster Bonsall
  • With ODLingo, our patients appreciate having a full service website which makes their experience with our Practice most productive and positive. In addition, through marketing, we are gaining exposure and recognition with our local residents, schools and businesses. These things collectively help us to see 15 to 20 new patients each month.

    Dr. Seth Bachelier
  • EyeCarePro is both easy and amazing to work with. This is coming from a person that is not tech savvy at all! The best part about working with EyeCarePro is that you get a personal customer representative that responds to your needs in a quick, friendly manner. I wanted a website by two weeks time and EyeCarePro set it up in two days! Extraordinary! I had a website up and running so quick! Maria, my customer rep was and is awesome! I would have been completely lost without EyeCarePro.

    Jason Nguyen, OD
  • When I was looking for a new hosting service for my website, I looked at several of my colleague's sites to see what they were doing. Several of them were EyeCarePro clients and their sites stood out from all of the others in terms of appearance, professionalism, information, and being interactive. My inquiries to EyeCarePro were answered promptly and professionally, with no pressure to sign up. Very happy to be with EyeCarePro.

    Eric Colegrove
  • We have a much more comprehensive website that allows patients to contact us, provide feedback and link to our contact lens store. Patients like the convenience to complete their personal health history prior to their arrival at our office!

    Dr. Catherine Deede
  • I made my own website years ago. What a mistake that was for me. I switched to Eyecarepro and I was pleased with their ability to upgrade my site. I just went through a second makeover with Eyecarepro and my latest version has a nice modern streamline design that is very impressive and interactive. There is no way I could have done that by myself.

    Kent Risk, OD
  • I have been using the services of EyecarePro for several years now, and have worked with several facilitators during that time. My current facilitator, Roy Zadok, has been simply outstanding in the level of service and support he provides. His calls are always on time, he speaks in clear, understandable terms, he listens to my suggestions and ideas, and he and his team produce results in a timely manner—whether it be SEO, campaigns, service highlights, Facebook development, or patient communications. I’ve heard from many patients that they’re very impressed with our website, and it was one of the main reasons they chose us for their eye care services. I have EyecarePro to thank for that. I would highly recommend Roy and his team at EyecarePro for any optometric practice development needs.

    Dr. Michael Sonnleitner
  • I love the personalized help you give us with Facebook. It can be very basic, with a few automatic postings per month, or personalized to our own office activities. My EyeCarePro rep is always willing to help us out and personalize postings whenever we want. I am looking forward to utilizing EyeCarePro even more next year, and gain more new patients through our EyecarePro webpage, search engine optimization, and Facebook/social media!

    Dr. Gary Stocker
  • The team at Eyecarepro have ALWAYS called me back or emailed me a response within 24 hours. That is impressive because I have sent them hundreds of emails over the years. I have even seen where they replied to my emails in the middle of the night. Their customer support team is very professional and take pride in their desire to see my practices grow.

    Kent Risk, OD
  • But let me just say, I just love the new Call Tracking service. It confirms the fact that many people who are calling our office are looking up our phone number by finding our web page. And being able to identify the number of people who use our web page and end up as new patients is extraordinary! And it seems to be multiplying very quickly - first a couple people a month, then around 7 a month, and now around 5 a week!

    Dr. Gary Stocker
  • We have almost 200 fans on Facebook and are ranked at the top on Google searches for eye doctors in our area!

    Dr. Bradley R. Meltzer
  • Our patients tell us that they enjoy Facebook and it shows by the growth of our "friends" numbers.

    Dr. Wendell Bedsole
  • Our patients tell us that they love the fact that we have Facebook.

    Dr. Maria J. Fragoulis
  • Now that we work with EyeCarePro we are available 24/7 on our website and Facebook!

    Dr. Trinae Rosato
  • We use EyeCarePro to rank high on Google.

    Dr. Farnaz Khankhanian
  • It takes the burden of SEO, social media and patient retention programs off of me.

    Dr. Gretchen Brewer
  • Several patients have mentioned that our website is very informative and that they found it easy to navigate to find the information that they needed!

    Dr. Stefano Ragozzino
  • For the first time we actually have patients say they found us online!!!

    Dr. Laurie Sorrenson
  • We are consistently near the top of the rankings and the majority of our new patients find us utilizing online resources.

    Dr. Ken Ganly
  • 27 out of 55 new patients for the month of December found us online!

    Dr. Eric M. White
  • We can rely on them to keep us at the top of the most used search engines.

    Drs. Suzan & Brad Grimm
  • We get 20 to 30 new patients per month directly from our website and SEO.

    Dr. Barry C. Nolt
  • Our website is constantly highly ranked in all the major search engines.

    Dr. Dax Eckard
  • Our old website was aesthetically pleasing but not very interactive - we didn't get many hits since there was really no incentive for patients to visit. Our ECPro site is much more interactive and the EyeCarePro staff customized it just the way we wanted!  Our patients love the way they can pre-register online and that they can also request their appointment times. Our staff love receiving this information in advance as it makes the patient flow much more efficient.

    In particular, I love the new EyeGlass Guide 2.0 from Transition.  It is a great tool to guide our patients through the many options they have when when choosing their lenses and frames.  I will definitely direct out patients to this web feature!

    Dr. Beth Lennox
  • Before EyeCarePro.net, we had a Web site (from a template) which could not be modified to include flash, custom pictures, e-commerce, and e-mails to our office. Our old Web site was not visited often and it just 'educated' our patients and lacked interactive features. It was mediocre and nothing to be excited about.

    Our Web site now that we have through EyeCarePro.net is very patient friendly. The site allows patients to order contact lens orders, to email our staff, to fill out surveys, and to complete registration forms which are then e-mailed to our office. We get several daily downloads and emails from the site. Patients love to fill out all their paperwork online! The most common compliment we receive on our Web site through EyeCarePro.net is the front page with our flash video!

    The staff at EyeCarePro.net has been awesome with their quick response to our requests. They have been extremely flexible in allowing us to create a custom Web site breaking the 'Template Only' modality. I am really very happy with all of their services!

    Dr. Rajeev K. Raghu
  • I had several Web sites for my eye care practice before I used the site provided by EyeCarePro.net, and the main one was through Verizon SuperPages. Our old Web site required a fair amount of effort on my part to set up and provide content. It was awkward to change the content and I encountered problems in changing links and formatting. Icons that seemed OK one day would be unreadable another.

    Since we moved our Web site to EyeCarePro.net, we have had more patients contact us. Plus, some of them have requested appointments online! It's nice to have them fill out patient information sheets before stepping in the office. The format is easier to navigate. Several of our patients have commented on the library and information features. Overall, there has been more feedback and positive comments from our patients since we switched to EyeCarePro.net from our patients.

    Dr. Edward Melman
  • Now that we work with EyeCarePro we are proud to tell people our web address.

    Dr. Brenda Lovik
  • EyeCarePro has a special understanding of the eye care industry and our desire to focus on patient care.

    EyeLux Optometry
  • Our patients are happy with the easy, functional website, and are thrilled to fill out medical forms from the comfort of their own homes.

    Dr. John Nowell
  • Patients love the interaction with our office on facebook and they love the ease of contacting our office by phone, email, website, or facebook.

    Dr. David Way
  • Our patients tell us that it is so nice to fill out their paper work before they arrive.

    Dr. Trinae Rosato
  • Patients have even commented that we must have a state-of-the-art office because our website is so professional!

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman
  • EyeCarePro is good about updating new content each month to keep our rankings high.

    Dr. Scott Lewis
  • Our patients tell us that they enjoyed reading our site.

    Dr. Edward Melman
  • We use EyeCarePro to educate and inform our patients.

    Dr. Brad C. Gollinger
  • Our specialty website for dry eyes keeps increasing in rankings for popular dry eye search terms.

    Dr. Alan Schlussel
  • Several patients have mentioned that our website is very informative and that they found it easy to navigate to find the information that they needed!

    Heather Lapusnak, Office Manager
  • I like the optometric-based templates that are already put together for me yet are still customizable to my practice. I feel the templates are very up to date and have great visual appeal and organization.

    I think the one feature I like best is the ability for patients to request appointments and do online registration. Patients have really loved being able to go ahead and get their paperwork taken care of prior to their visit, at their convenience.  This has allowed our office to be more efficient because when a patient arrives we are already ready for their exam to begin, and this leaves a great impression on our patients.

    Dr. Rhonda Bray
  • My office did not have a Web site prior to using EyeCarePro.net. I heard about EyeCarePro.net from a colleague, and then I checked out the Eyecarepro.net Web site. I was impressed by EyeCarePro.net’s reasonable cost to establish a Web site, ease of set up, and the site’s professional look.

    The EyeCarePro Web site is incredibly easy to manage. I enjoy the features of online registration, appointment scheduling, and direct email from the Web site. Patients love not having to fill out paperwork when they arrive for their appointments! They simply fill out the online registration and my technicians load all of the information into our EMR prior to the appointment. Filling out forms online saves time in the office, since the technicians don't need to take a medical or ocular history while the patient is in the chair.
    I enjoy having a presence on the Web with EyeCarePro.net and using their web optimization. Having a Web site with EyeCarePro.net has been a great way for patients to find me on the web!

    Dr. Deborah Moon
  • We really like the online appointment confirmation feature.  It has helped reduce our front-desk staff time and has reduced our phone-call confirmation process time too.  It has the added benefit of also letting us know that patients are paying attention to their electronic reminders.

    Dr. Brad Owens
  • The online registration and ability to request an appointment online has allowed us to offer new options for our patients, while at the same time helping the efficiency of our offices.

    Dr. Robert Shipp
  • We use our website to communicate with patients, to link to online ordering of contact lenses, and to have patients fill our paperwork before arriving at the office.

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman
  • Our website prior to using EyeCarePro was a homegrown design. It provided a web presence, but was not very functional. It required many hours to create and the ability to use and create patient forms was extremely labor-intensive, and required constant monitoring.

    Now, our EyeCarePro site is pure SIMPLICITY! No time spent trying to get the format just right. Web forms are seamless, and the partner-products make it very feature-filled . I can spend my time and energy getting a message to the patient, rather than being frustrated with the process of creating a workable site.

    Dr. Michael McCormick
  • This was our first website and frankly, we wanted it to be just right the first time. The template system definitely made it easy to get started, but more importantly, we can change it in the future as new information comes out, and we can modify our marketing strategy whenever we feel like it. So far, our patients love it.
    The results speak for themselves. The flash video designed by Steve at EyeCarePro was the perfect 'eye catcher'. Sue was extremely helpful and I cannot say enough about the whole organization - very responsive and experienced. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a website that is functional but not too complicated.

    Dr. Wong and Dr. Solum
  • This is my first web site and has been easy to navigate through the template for someone who isn't very computer oriented.

    I'm very happy to finally be represented on the World Wide Web. So many people spend so much time on the computer that if you don't have a presence there you are at a disadvantage. I love the look of my web site and I can always be working to improve and change it to stay current.

    I like that there is always help available and there are no dumb questions. I have and continue to enjoy figuring out what to do next and the suggestions I receive from Sue at eyecarepro.net.

    Dr Amy Spang
  • Before, we had great difficulty finding someone to readily update our site when we wanted to add new content.

    Dr. Santrell Hart-Moreland
  • We use EyeCarePro to keep our site up to date and fun.

    Dr. Nazy Galehdari
  • We have a great website that is easy to maintain.

    Dr. Angelo Marino
  • Lots of flexibility and customization.

    Dr. Brian Berliner
  • No waiting for someone to return a call or spending hours back and forth to make the simplest of changes or additions to the website- it takes literally seconds.

    Dr. Kimberly Friedman
  • Easily upload new photos, change text, move things around...whatever I want to change.

    Dr. William Vaughan
  • It is like having another employee who is dedicated to online practice marketing.

    Dr. Timothy Nichols
  • Now our website is a helpful resource for our customers. It provides comprehensive office information, eye health insights, advertising, and a way for our patients to order their contact lenses.

    Dr. Paul Neiheiser
  • They are experienced in all things relating to marketing our practice on the Internet.

    Dr. Steven Rosen
  • We use EyeCarePro to market our practice to new patients and communicate with our existing patients.

    Dr. Donald Knapp
  • EyeCarePro keeps us up to date with the latest in internet marketing.

    Dr. Dennis M. Brtva
  • We use EyeCarePro to promote our practice.

    Dr. Lorie Lippiatt
  • We had stale, non-updated websites.

    Dr. Ankur Kalra
  • All changes  to our old website were time consuming and costly.

    Dr. Barry K. Lesnick
  • We were not able to make changes to our website ourselves, and now I feel much more involved and interactive with the site.

    Dr. Karla Reimer
  • We thought this was too difficult for a practice of our size.

    Dr. Diane King
  • We had little knowledge about what SEO was much less why it was important for us.

    Dr. Mitchell Broussard
  • We were unimpressive on the web.

    Dr. Russ Orr
  • We used other companies that did not produce as much for us.

    Dr. Stephen Goodman
  • We tried to market on our own over the internet without success.

    Dr. Andrew Ciambrone
  • We spent a lot of wasted time developing our website!

    Dr. Michael Sonnleitner
  • We were in the dark.

    Dr. Becky De Ruyter
  • Now that we work with EyeCarePro we relax and enjoy the new patients coming in.

    Dr. Lassa J Frank
  • We are attracting new patients and communicating better with our established patients.

    Dr. Fred Arima
  • We are seeing the best new patient growth in years.

    Dr. Eric M. White
  • I can see the benefits of having a professional website for our practice!

    Dr. Nepa Bhadra
  • My online presence reflects my personality and strengths.

    Dr. David Way
  • Looks very professional for a reasonable price.

    Dr. Joshua M. Goldschmidt
  • Patients compliment our website all the time!

    Dr. Walter Yim
  • We've got a great looking website.

    Dr. Joe Blackburn
  • I couldn't imagine trying to do this on my own....EyeCarePro has made this process so easy. Although it is a template site, I have just the right amount of customization available to obsess and personalize it to my practice. I hear on a daily basis from patients how wonderful and professional my web site is.
    My favorite part is having Sue at customer support to call! EyeCarePro provides personal service for those of us who are computer-challenged!

    Dr Jennifer Brady Cook
  • Our first web site could not have been a better choice than EyeCarePro. As Eye Doctors, we don't have the time to learn how to develop a web site ourselves, so we were interested in finding experts to advise us with what we needed to do. After looking at EyeCarePro's services, we were impressed - EyeCarePro brought us the experience and professionalism we were looking for.
    Of special note, we have really appreciated the support we have received. EyeCarePro's Support Team led us through everything from logging into our site to editing our content, and gave us practical tips on what to consider. Our web site is critical to our practice, so it's important to us that we have the Support we need to manage the site - EyeCarePro's Support Team usually answers our questions within one hour of receiving our email.

    We are pleased with our EyeCarePro site and believe that it is as professional and welcoming as our practice.

    Dr. Rob and Dr. Loree Wagner
  • The team at EyeCarePro is absolutely amazing. I used them to create my website when I first opened my practice a few years ago because it provided the perfect blend of customization and functionality at a reasonable cost. Sue was so helpful in getting everything set up for me and was so responsive to any question that I had. To this day, she still picks up the phone to answer my simple questions that come up from time to time. Always nice to hear a familiar voice every time you call.
    In order to improve my search engine rankings, Nicole – who is always cheerful and helpful – worked with me on SEO. I am now #1 on Google for most of the common
    search terms in my area! Most recently, Beth – a master at social media herself – has helped me improve my visibility with Facebook and Twitter. Our followers have increased exponentially!

    Finally – and most impressively – as my website needs grew, I needed a facelift for my site so I worked with Karri and her creative team to produce a custom site which is
    nothing short of "Wow!" every time my staff and I look at it. Most importantly, we have received numerous compliments from patients. They truly captured the essence of how I wanted to convey image of my practice.

    To sum it up, what eye care practice would want to use anyone else when they can get all of their website needs taken care of in one place by EyeCarePro? Even more
    importantly, their customer service is really what gives me no reason to look anywhere else. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!

    Dr. Anthony Tran
  • They are always there to help.

    Dr. Suzanne Ward
  • Easy to do business with!

    Dr. Arthur Bababekov
  • The EyeCarePro team pays attention to detail!

    Jonathan Becker, Lab Manager
  • WONDERFUL to work with.

    Dr. Brian Berliner
  • Absolutely a joy to work with.

    Dr. Lance B. Dunoff
  • Great communication with staff via e-mail and phone when I had questions.

    Dr. Jen Simonson
  • I would definitely recommend anyone in the eyecare business that is needing a website to use this company.  They are great!

    Dr. Jody Tacker
  • My old web site was nice enough, but patients rarely commented on it. With my new EyeCarePro web site, I've already had a number of enthusiastic reviews from patients! Plus, my EyeCarePro web site is a breeze to update, which makes it a great improvement over my old site.
    The fact that EyeCarePro is able to optimize my new web site for the search engines so that customers will be able to find it more easily is the icing on the cake!

    I recommend EyeCarePro to any practitioner who wants to create or improve their website.

    Dr. Kevin M. Riggs
  • I had no clue where to begin with a web site after purchasing a domain name for my Practice. ECPro's email account setup feature (which is included with the Website Builder service) was just what I needed. ECPro is wonderful! It provides the necessary components for a truly comprehensive and personalized website.

    Dr. Maurice Lynch
  • Our web site was done by a local school teacher and while we had a site, it did not look professional. We love our new site and love directing patients to the site. It was fun to design and we love making it ours. While we still have some work to do, it is certainly a far cry from our original site

    Since working with EyeCarePro.net we’ve had quick customer service - assistance when needed and great suggestions given to us by Sue in Customer Support. We have referred the company to several other doctors. We have been extremely pleased!

    Dr. Paula Newsome
  • We've been very happy with EyecarePro's services. They've been helpful, and made it easy and enjoyable to develop and upgrade our web site. Our site before working with EyecarePro was very basic and dated - there were no options to visit different pages.

    EyecarePro.net helped us develop an excellent web site with ease - and lots of support - at a very reasonable cost.

    Dr. Rich Barnstein
  • My website was nonexistent before being introduced to EyeCare Pro.  EyeCare Pro made my website development so easy and efficient, we were off and running in no time. I am very proud of my web site - I feel it truly represents me and my practice. I love the ease of use and the ability to customize.  This is important for someone like me with little web site design experience.

    Dr. Kimberly Ragan-Johnson
  • We've seen a large increase in website traffic.

    Dr. Tina Smrkovski
  • Last month my website traffic was up 37%!

    Dr. Steven Lutz
  • I've definitely seen an increase in website traffic and my business has joined the 21st century.

    Dr. Dennis M. Brtva
  • We get new patients each month online - more than enough to pay our fees with EyeCarePro!

    Dr. Diane Galbrecht
  • Money well spent and they (EyeCarePro) allow me to focus more time on patient care.

    Dr. Ken Ganly
  • I use Eyecarepro for two companies. Therefore, I receive two reports a month. I find it just amazing that they can provide such detailed information about the growth of eye exams of both practices over the internet. It is also beneficial to talk to their team leader once a month to review the practice reports. They go over the results for about an hour and make suggestions as to how you can make your practice better. The practice results and suggestions definitely keep me on target.

    Kent Risk, OD