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Testimonials: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • The best part about EyeCarePro is that they listen to what your practice goals are, such as what type of patient you are trying to attract, and they design a strategy to help you connect with them though search engine optimization.

    Dr. Tommy Lim
  • We have been tremendously pleased with EyecarePro and the results we have seen.  Initially, we hired them to rebuild our website and help increase the traffic on our site and the results we've seen have been incredible!  We were so pleased that we ended our contract with another company and turned over all of our online reputation management, website management, and social media consultation to EyecarePro.  They are extremely efficient, easy to work with, and have great marketing campaign ideas with wonderful materials to back them.  If you are hoping to increase your online presence, we highly recommend EyecarePro to help you reach top rankings.

    Christina Foster Bonsall
  • We use EyeCarePro to rank high on Google.

    Dr. Farnaz Khankhanian
  • It takes the burden of SEO, social media and patient retention programs off of me.

    Dr. Gretchen Brewer
  • Several patients have mentioned that our website is very informative and that they found it easy to navigate to find the information that they needed!

    Dr. Stefano Ragozzino
  • For the first time we actually have patients say they found us online!!!

    Dr. Laurie Sorrenson
  • We are consistently near the top of the rankings and the majority of our new patients find us utilizing online resources.

    Dr. Ken Ganly
  • 27 out of 55 new patients for the month of December found us online!

    Dr. Eric M. White
  • We can rely on them to keep us at the top of the most used search engines.

    Drs. Suzan & Brad Grimm
  • We get 20 to 30 new patients per month directly from our website and SEO.

    Dr. Barry C. Nolt
  • Our website is constantly highly ranked in all the major search engines.

    Dr. Dax Eckard